About SymphonyCare

SymphonyCare is an integrated population health and care management platform that enables the sharing of risk between payers and providers. We use open, flexible technology to help any healthcare organization manage risk and coordinate care.

How does SymphonyCare work?

The SymphonyCare platform takes data from any source—EMR, surveys, labs, claims, etc.—and uses a proprietary rules engine to stratify your population into meaningful cohorts, which then get matched with evidence-based care plans and teams to coordinate care. The platform offers care teams the ability to communicate with one another regarding patients within the cohort, as well as tools to engage patients in their own health. Finally, state-of-the-art analytics and reporting tools provide the intelligence to inform future care.


SymphonyCare was born of the emerging accountable care landscape brought on by the Affordable Care Act. Symphony Corporation, determined to bring operational excellence and accountability to new care and reimbursement models, looked to inadequacies of incumbent EMR technologies to come up with SymphonyCare, a system that integrates into the EMR and other data sources to give a full 360-degree view of clinical and financial processes. So, in 2010 the delicate engineering of the platform architecture commenced, culminating in our most recent version, released in February of 2013, which has been client-tested and client-approved.

How is SymphonyCare different?

SymphonyCare is the most comprehensive and flexible solution for population health and care management. Competing solutions in this space are often piecemeal, focusing on a single disease or population health function. They are not comprehensive in nature, and thus fall short of addressing the challenges proposed by emerging care and reimbursement models. Also, most other solutions come hard-coded, and are force-fit into payer and provider organizations. The SymphonyCare platform, on the other hand, provides custom solutions across the entire population health management continuum. It also allows for end-user configurations at the program, provider, and patient levels, ensuring that solutions to adjust to your needs—and not the other way around.

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