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A Proven Enterprise Patient Portal


Providers today are up against many operational challenges such as chronic care management to ever-evolving government initiatives. Two primary keys to thriving among these challenges are effective patient engagement and health management. The first step to success and efficiency is having the right tool in place as the cornerstone for patient engagement efforts—a patient portal.

SymphonyCare understands that providers need a dependable, robust patient portal that helps multi- disciplinary provider organizations better engage patients over time and across care settings. Empower is an ICSA Labs-certified vendor-agnostic patient portal that gives patients a comprehensive view of their medical records, regardless of how many back-end systems are used to house their health data.

EMPOWER is a mobile-friendly tool that encourages patients to take a more active role in managing their health; whether they are focused on prevention, recovering from an acute illness or managing a multitude of chronic conditions.

Patients can easily exchange secure messages with their care team, request a prescription renewal, referral or appointment; stay on track with automated reminders, virtual consultations (e-visits) and integrated tracking tools; and learn more about their condition with personalized health content.


Empower provides everything needed to:


  1. Access comprehensive health records & lab results using a mobile-friendly interface
  2. Access relevant educational material
  3. Securely download personal health information using “Blue Button – download my data”
  4. Easily manage & monitor care for family members
  5. Easily make appointment requests
  6. Exchange questions with healthcare provider staff
  7. Integrate to multiple systems such as EMRs, scheduling and labs using SymphonyCare’s Communicate technology
  8. And much more!

It’s Time to Go Beyond.
Well Beyond.


Empower is a best-of-breed enterprise patient portal for organizations that understand how important it is to provide patients a comprehensive, intuitive health management tool that works across care settings. Empower provides patients and families the information and tools they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. When integrated with the Navigate population health management solution, Empower makes it easier for the care team to engage patients in their personalized care plan—positively influencing health decisions and behaviors well before and after a visit.

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New Opportunities in Chronic Care Management

In 2017, CMS has made the opportunity far more enticing for providers to increase the reimbursement of CCM services by expanding the group of reimbursable services under new CCM-based codes, as well by relaxing some of the requirements for such reimbursement. As a result, providers have plenty of opportunities to benefit from expansion of valuable CCM services through their staff or through competent partners.


SymphonyCare is a population health management company dedicated to improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs by combining best-of-breed technology with experienced, dedicated clinical staff aligned with the latest chronic care standards