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Going Well Beyond.


Symphony’s award-winning* Navigate Platform enables care delivery organizations to manage financial risk, improve quality outcomes and enhance patient engagement. Now more than ever, care management teams need a central place to manage their patients across the enterprise from wellness, preventive care, utilization and complex case management to population health, discharge and medication management. The Navigate Platform delivers such functionality and seamlessly integrates into EMRs and decision support systems at the point of care. The platform provides actionable steps at the encounter, and interventions between visits including discharge and post-acute care management.


Navigate is the only all-in-one platform that provides everything organizations need to:


  1. Aggregate disparate data sources, both clinical and claims data, into a unified source of truth
  2. Identify at-risk populations
  3. Engage patients in their health goals and activate them to be effective self-managers
  4. Reduce or prevent avoidable hospitalizations, readmissions and ER visits
  5. Close gaps in care
  6. Reconcile medication lists quickly and share useful medication data across the continuum of care
  7. Report on quality measures and outcomes

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Navigate care across the enterprise

Role-based tasks assigned and performed by care teams.

Centralized care coordination, and task management.

Specialty care physicians access CCD, share evidence-based care.

Payers have transparent P4P or reimbursement system, access to evidence-based guidelines, and CCD.

Hospital has complete access to CCD records and utilization guidelines.

Care teams follow up on post-discharge tasks to keep readmissions low.

Pharmacists reconcile meds and follow up on drug compliance.

Care teams foster lifestyle and behavior modification with onsite visits, telephone, telemedicine, or e-mail-based engagements.

Navigate the entire population health life cycle

Population Idenfitication & Stratification

  1. Aggregate data from payer, encounter, ADT lab
    and device-capture into one source of truth
  2. Manage population definitions based on
    demographics, conditions, procedures,
    utilization, vitals, psycho-social assessments
    and more
  3. Pinpoint at-risk patients for care management using a variety of risk models, including ACGs or LACE
  4. Assign Patient Assessments from industry standards (e.g. PHQ-9, Morisky-8, PROMIS) or by configuring custom assessments

Role-Based Care Planning

  1. Configure and apply evidence-based care plans to specific patient populations
  2. Customize care plans based on individual patient assessments and performance
  3. Display patient-centric, historic and up-to-the-minute views of longitudinal records in graphical or report formats
  4. Link discharge and post-acute care tasks to a patient care plan
  5. Comprehensive med review with medication reconciliation, and bi-directional sharing of med lists across the continuum of care

Reporting & Analytics

  1. Assess clinical and financial outcomes with standard reporting scorecards
  2. Discover new data insights about populations, teams and processes to improve quality and outcomes
  3. Make the right decisions up front – allocating your clinical and financial resources for greatest impact
  4. Quality reports – ACO, HEDI, PQRI and performance dashboards

Coordination & Engagement


  1. Organize and automate your care management workflow with tasks, reminders and alerts
  2. Coordinate care within and across care teams
  3. Engage and activate patients
  4. Use educational and behaviorally supportive interventions
  5. Integrate with the EMRs for proper coordination across the care continuum

It’s Time to Go Beyond.
Well Beyond.


The Navigate Platform works in conjunction with other solutions to (1) securely engage patients in their care plan goals, tasks and reminders; (2) conduct virtual check-ins, screenings and surveys; (3) automatically deliver educational materials and reminders; and (4) facilitate secure correspondence directly between patients and their clinical support team. These automated communication tools help providers cost-e ectively manage low, medium, high and rising-risk populations with fewer nurse navigators and care managers.

Navigate’s Key Functions

Advanced Segmentation Engine

User-Designed Workflows

Patient Engagement Tools

Quality Reports & Performance Dashboard

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Navigate facilitates a unified database for care coordination without need for an EDW
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* – Navigate Recognized by Frost & Sullivan in 2016 with the Patient Engagement Enabling Technology Leadership Award

New Opportunities in Chronic Care Management

In 2017, CMS has made the opportunity far more enticing for providers to increase the reimbursement of CCM services by expanding the group of reimbursable services under new CCM-based codes, as well by relaxing some of the requirements for such reimbursement. As a result, providers have plenty of opportunities to benefit from expansion of valuable CCM services through their staff or through competent partners.


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