A Next-Generation Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Platform for Value-Based Care

Do you have the right foundation to unlock the value from your data?

The WellStack™ platform is a proven, well-tested big data management and analytics solution built to help providers, payers and quality collaboratives uncover opportunities to improve quality of care, lower their costs and manage risk contracts. It provides a unified data foundation that consolidates massive volumes of structured and unstructured patient data in near real time from disparate sources. It normalizes, links and transforms the data to deliver integrated longitudinal information when it’s needed the most. WellStack™ offers valuable insights for providers and administrators to proactively manage patient care.

An All-in-One Data Solution


Significant time spent getting and combining the data, not on data interpretation and follow-up actions

Data quality, patient matching, provider attribution issues leading to inaccurate reports and inefficiencies

No flexibility to extend current data models to accommodate new data sources and new use cases

Applying new business logic to previously integrated data can be almost impossible and expensive

Our Solutions Set Us Apart

Move beyond your legacy point solutions with SymphonyCare’s WellStack™, a leading-edge, agile data analytics solution for healthcare organizations that leverages late binding and superior data quality management processes to address challenges brought by traditional, rigid data solutions.

WellBeyond the Traditional Rigid Data Warehouse Architecture

Reduce data loading time and manual processes

Metadata-driven ETL with drag-and-drop management tools

Scheduling automaton monitoring, alerts and notifications

Accurate data improves safety and efficiencies

Superior data quality with a rules engine to edit or add new quality checks

Machine learning-powered patient matching (EMPI) and provider attribution

Keep up with evolving business needs

Change business rules down stream with ease

Late-binding and schema-on-read capabilities

Implement care initiatives rapidly

Pre-built customized data marts AND disease registries

Out-of-the-box library of reports metrics for ACO, MIPS/MACRA, HEDIS

Break Free from Legacy Data Systems in Weeks

With the WellStack™ platform you get a more extensible data modeling solution with prebuilt, customizable data marts to uncover opportunities to improve quality of care and reduce costs under value-based care models.

Future-Proof Technology

Rapidly deploy advanced technology that is flexible and extensible to meet future use cases.

Comprehensive Data Approach

Leverage an EMR-agnostic enterprise big data platform that excels at integrating and transforming any data in any format.

Ready-To-Go Analytics

Library of quality and performance reports with rules engine to configure, deploy and manage specific value-based care programs.

Workflow and Engagement

Integrated workflow solutions for team-based care and patient engagement across the care continuum.

Additional Features

Data Integration

Consumes, parses, links and normalizes structured and unstructured data from disparate provider and payer sources in near real time and in any standard or non-standard formats.

Population Stratification

Define, stratify and manage population cohort definitions by a wizard driven data discovery tool. Build population registries on your own.

Point-of-care Integration

Bi-directional integration with point-of-care systems across the care continuum, from ambulatory to post-acute care.

Cloud or On-premise Deployment

HIPPA-compliant, secure role-based access to appropriate information under a SOC2 Type II, HITRUST environment.

Data Quality

Superior data quality management with over 100 checks, provider-patient matching and configurable provider attribution logic to ensure the accuracy of the insights.

Self-service Analytics

Users can build new measures and modify existing reports, and stratify or define populations for specific value-based programs using a configurable rules engine without the aid of IT resources.

Predictive Tools

Utilize predictive tools and episode groupers, including but not limited to user-defined predictive tools, benefit scores, ACGs, ERGs, ETGs, MEGs, DxCGs and others.

Actionable insights accessible where and when you need it for better health outcomes

Delivering accurate, actionable analytics at significantly lower cost

Ready to see what WellStack can do?

Turn insights into actions with integrated applications

Patient Engagement: Empower

Mobile-friendly, EMR-agnostic, MU3-certified enterprise patient portal with health management tools to help patients across care settings. Learn more »

Care Management and Coordination: Navigate

Configurable workflow solution for care management teams to manage care between visits. Learn more »

Medication Management: MedBeacon

Reconcile medications with a longitudinal view plus real-time fill histories, and model drug costs using an extensive library of clinically relevant alternative medications. Learn more »

Learn how a state wide quality collaborative improving the quality, affordability, safety and efficiency of healthcare for 4.2 million lives

In 2019, SymphonyCare put its WellStack data platform to work for a large APCD, which allowed the customer to unlock significant value from its members' data. Among the results were reduced data loading times, automated loading processes, improved data quality, improved patient-provider matching, as well as the roll-out of self-service report capabilities.

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Our mission is to help payers and providers manage financial risk, improve quality outcomes, and enhance patient engagement by managing care between visits and making valuable intelligence available at the point of care.