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One-of-a-kind, low-code/no-code healthcare data analytics platform

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Complete data ecosystem platform

Healthcare organizations need modern enterprise data management and analytics to:

  • Create a longitudinal health record
  • Predict care needs and health outcomes
  • Efficiently engage patients
  • Fulfill compliance and interoperability needs
  • Influence decision making and operational effectiveness
  • Democratize data
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Single Source of Truth

An out-of-the-box, modern data ecosystem that enables enterprise-wide decision-making.


Keeps your organization up-to-date with innovations so your technology won’t become obsolete.

Rapid Ingestion

Configurable low-code/no-code platform can ingest + integrate multiple types and kinds of data in accelerated timelines.

Drive Outcomes

Integrated applications enable patient engagement, population health and more.

Multi-channel Access

More users with varying skills and back grounds can access the data for building reports and ad-hoc analysis.

Low Cost of Ownership

Centralized, fully managed solution with significant cost savings that reduces skills and capacity constraints.

Trusted Data

Built-in data governance and quality management that ensures data is accurate, complete and consistent.

Speed to Market

Implementation in weeks or months, fully leveraging your existing technology assets.

WellStack healthcare data management cloud

Invest once, build forward

A fully managed, modern healthcare data management cloud


Ingestion and Integration Engine

Fully configurable meta data driven ETL framework for rapid data onboarding.

Flexible Ingestion Model

Support APIs, HL7, FHIR, CCDs, X-12, and flat files.

Domain-centric Data Models

Purpose-driven curated data access with improved data literacy.

Low-code/no-code Applications

Out-of-the-box cohort and metric builder, SSBI and code mapping tools.

Data Governance

Centralized meta data management and quality rules engine.


Secure, HITRUST healthcare data solution automatically resizes to meet business needs.

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Our mission is to break down barriers so healthcare organizations can make better-informed decisions and drive stronger outcomes.