Who Benefits from SymphonyCare

Our solutions have been implemented successfully at dozens of health care organizations of all sizes to improve quality of care

Physicians and Clinical Staff

Physicians and clinical staff rely on our user-friendly point-of-care decision support analytics with drill-down capabilities, allowing clinical staff to better understand the quality of care they provide and the effectiveness of care interventions between visits in real time. WellStack offers a longitudinal view of a patient’s health, visibility into a patient’s adherence to a treatment plan, and the ability to capture patient-generated health data (PGHD) to customize patient-specific care plans and workflow to enable timely intervention across the care ecosystem before a costly care episode occurs.

IT Executives and Staff

IT executives and staff benefit from our future-proof technology that is flexible and extensible to accommodate new types of data and care models. The unified data foundation offers the ability to consolidate massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in near real time across the care community to create a single source of truth to generate a complete and accurate patient record. Our superior quality assurance process, library of quality and performance reports, and a configurable rules engine for self-service analytics saves significant time and effort. Our solution can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud with point-of-care application integration and bi-directional interoperability capability at no upfront cost.

Value-Based Care Administrators and Staff

Value-based care administrators and staff leverage our powerful enterprise big data analytics platform to uncover opportunities and operationalize improvements to quality of care. Our out-of-the-box library of quality and performance measures designed for specific value-based programs such as ACO, and MIPS/MACRA offers accelerated implementation of specific care programs. Our configurable population stratification engine, rules-driven reports builder with visualization tools and drill down capabilities allow administrators to identify at-risk populations, model, build and manage any care program across the enterprise without investment in additional IT resources—which saves on time and cost. Our superior A.I-driven data quality assurance help organizations build confidence in their data.

Financial Executives

Financial executives benefit from user-friendly dashboards and performance reports to track and optimize costs by contract type and populations. They can also compare costs across clinical and care delivery facilities. Our enterprise data management and analytics solution eliminates duplicate solutions at significant savings without any upfront capital.

Care Management Staff

Care management staff achieve transparency into care across the continuum and exchange information among regional health systems, post-acute care facilities and pharmacies to reconcile clinical information. They also enjoy user-friendly workflow dashboards to track and manage care coordination.

Featured Case Study

Improving the quality, affordability, safety and efficiency of healthcare for 4.2 million lives statewide

In 2019, SymphonyCare put its WellStack data platform to work for a large APCD, which allowed the customer to unlock significant value from its members’ data. Among the results were reduced data loading times, automated loading processes, improved data quality, improved patient-provider matching, as well as the roll-out of self-service report capabilities.

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Our mission is to help payers and providers manage financial risk, improve quality outcomes, and enhance patient engagement by managing care between visits and making valuable intelligence available at the point of care.