The Challenge is Real

Addressing key challenges in healthcare analytics to support value-based care

The aggregation of massive amounts of healthcare data from diverse sources to generate meaningful insights has been a significant challenge in pursuit of clinical quality and performance management. The closed-loop analytics and workflow integration required to manage value-based care, which was promised by EMR vendors, fell short of expectations. Data quality, data traceability and data integrity somehow became afterthoughts. Also, the extensibility of data models to meet evolving needs has been relegated to “pipe dream” status. This reality leads many provider systems to opt for rigid point solutions to address immediate problems. The result has been silos of information, unnecessary duplication and a high total cost of ownership. Traditional enterprise modeling solutions will not scale to meet changing healthcare business needs—especially regulatory compliance and the management of expanding data sources.

Trusted Partner

Over a decade SymphonyCare has been a trusted partner of healthcare organizations to help ready for value based care. Through our engagements over the period, we saw first hand challenges with traditional rigid data warehouse architecture that treated data quality, data traceability and data integrity as an after thought. Our team of seasoned clinicians, data scientists, and data architects with deep population health and advanced analytics experience kept up with the rapidly changing enterprise reporting requirements and analytics needs in the healthcare industry. Our next generation enterprise data management platform, WellStack is the foundation for the accurate analytics to drive actions and operational efficiencies in value based care settings.

Reliable Outcomes

Best-in-Class Actionable Intelligence for Clinicians and Administrators to Proactively Manage Patient Care and Performance

  • Proven and well-tested EMR-agnostic enterprise analytics solution
  • Aggregate and manage data from across the care community
  • Unmatched healthcare data quality management
  • Future-proof, extensible technology to meet evolving business needs
  • Ready-to-go analytics
  • Rapid configurability within weeks to meet specific value-based initiatives
  • Workflow applications to turn insights into actions
  • Point-of-care integration
  • On-premise or just-in-time cloud deployment
  • No up-front fee

Featured Case Study

Improving the quality, affordability, safety and efficiency of healthcare for 4.2 million lives statewide

In 2019, SymphonyCare put its WellStack data platform to work for a large APCD, which allowed the customer to unlock significant value from its members’ data. Among the results were reduced data loading times, automated loading processes, improved data quality, improved patient-provider matching, as well as the roll-out of self-service report capabilities.

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