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Are your patients meeting medication adherence and persistence goals?

Reconcile™ is a comprehensive medication management suite that leverages proven stratification algorithms, efficient tools for medication reconciliation, and prescriptive analytics to intervene appropriately with the right patients. It provides a single medication use narrative across the entire care continuum. Using the Reconcile suite, you can identify patients at risk to be readmitted to the hospital, push relevant medication intelligence to the point of care, or make medication reconciliation more efficient for inpatient admissions and discharges.

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Providing medication management solutions across the continuum of care.

Predictive Analytics
MedBeacon leverages tested risk scoring methodologies to identify patients with modifiable medication-related risk factors. The clinical team can view different patient cohorts, each with its own types and severity of hospitalization risk.
Prescriptive Analytics
MedBeacon also provides prescriptive analytics capabilities that help you find the greatest return on intervention. The system deploys algorithms shown to reduce hospitalizations by matching the patients with the most modifiable medication-related risk with the most effective interventions.
Comprehensive Medication Review
MedBeacon aggregates provider, provider, and other data to form and display a comprehensive medication narrative for each patient. A single dashboard gives you full insight into medication lists, fill history, hospitalization risk, and provider-patient interactions.
Medication Reconciliation
MedBeacon allows clinicians to pull in multiple medication lists and the fill history for a patient in a single screen, and then facilitates an efficient and effective process to produce a newly reconciled medication list, which can be passed to the patient’s record in the EMR or otherwise shared across the continuum or community of care.
Medication Cost Management
MedBeacon allows clinicians to find alternate drug therapies for their patients in seconds with an easy-to-use application that uses up-to-date health plan formularies. Patients can see the annual savings, as well as any changes in patient instructions, due to proposed changes.
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