Why WellStack

Learn why healthcare organizations of all sizes have chosen WellStack™ to support their value-based care initiatives

Actionable intelligence for clinicians and administrators to proactively manage patient care and performance

Business Outcomes

Improve Outcomes

Track performance on key quality measures, such as MACRA–MIPS, ACO, HEDIS and eCQM—as well as utilization, total cost of care, and variation in care.

Manage Risk
WellStack gives you the ability to design, model and manage care programs across the enterprise—from wellness and bundled payments to other value-based payment contracts.
Targeted Interventions
Pinpoint and prioritize patients that benefit the most from interventions beyond traditional risk stratification methods.
Increase Patient Engagement
Engage patients in their health goals and activate them to be effective self-managers by delivering the right information at the right time.
Achieve Meaningful Use (Promoting Interoperability) Stage 3
Leverage our mobile-friendly patient portal with MU3-compliant functionality, which integrates with care management and point-of-care workflow.
Improve Medication Adherence
Target the most modifiable medication-based risk by creating reconciled med lists and instantly share them across the care delivery continuum.
Prevent Hospitalizations
Exchange information among regional health systems, post-acute care facilities and pharmacies to reconcile clinical information.
Care Management and Coordination
WellStack provides a central place for care management teams to manage their patients across the enterprise—from preventive care and complex case management to population health and discharge management.

SymphonyCare’s next-generation platform offers an unparalleled advantage over other analytics applications in the market in terms extensibility, data quality management, flexibility, speed to delivery and lower total cost of ownership.

Meta-driven ETL reduces loading time
  • Metadata driven ETL plug-in framework with drag-and-drop management tools, automated scheduling, monitoring, alerts and notifications
  • Add stage tables by extracting each file metadata without manual effort with data viewer to verify the loaded data for integrity
  • Data lineage verification at every stage of the load and automatic processing of file validations
Enterprise data aggregation and traceability
  • Near-real-time aggregation of structured and unstructured data from provider and payer sources—clinical, claims, ADT, financial, devices and patient-generated data
  • Consumes data in any format such as  HL7, X12, CCDA, CSV, XML, flat files, JSON and non-standard
  • Supports standard communication methods and APIs used in healthcare including TCP/IP, web service calls, FHIR, HL7, and ADTs
  • Ability to trace the data to the source in case of an audit
Built-in late binding and schema-on-read capabilities
  • Requires no structure at load time and will structure the data based on the business needs at the time of query to produce real insights with rapidly changing data structure and unstructured data
  • Ability to create and change business rules on the fly to keep up with the evolving payment models
Bundle of pre-built data marts and disease registries
  • Customizable standard data marts
  • Data visualization and consumptions layers built with a library of metrics, reports, numerators and denominators that are widely used by payers, providers, and health systems for their analytical needs
On-demand analytics and applications
  • Flexible options in the cloud or on-prem
  • Use our applications or build/bring your own

Faster Time to Value

Data Quality Management

Unmatched healthcare data quality management

Data quality impacts every aspect of patient care along the care continuum. The lack of consistency and accuracy of data affects clinical interventions to provide accurate and appropriate care. Inaccurate data leads to inefficiencies in care delivery and threats to patient safety. With knowledge gained over 20 years working with healthcare data, we offer an industry-recognized health data management solution.

Self-service capabilities to quickly build, customize and modify reports on your own

Our solutions let you rapidly implement care improvement initiatives at a lower total cost of ownership. You can use our pre-built registries, specific value-based quality measures from the library, customize reports or built your own using our metrics builder with minimal IT resources. Our solution also lets you import the transformed data into your data environment for advanced analytics using tools like SAS.

Customize Your Reports

Reliable Outcomes

Sophisticated population stratification and configurability

WellStack™ offers the ability to customize population definitions, define cohorts, measures, denominators, numerators, and ad-hoc filters using a wizard-driven data discovery tool that allows users to access all relevant fields from the aggregated data through a friendly interface. It also allows you to drill down to a level of granularity not seen in traditional disease registries and enables users to stratify patients and generate reports based on predictive variables such as likelihood of inpatient admissions and ER visits.

We offer solutions to translate intelligence into action

Our integrated care management, care coordination and patient engagement applications run on our analytics platform using the aggregated and transformed data to help organizations address challenges related to quality improvement, population health management, patient engagement, and revenue and cost optimization. WellStack™ allows you to integrate your own applications, as well as third-party applications as needed. Our applications can also run independently, taking feeds from your current data assets.

Beyond Actionable Intelligence

Break free from legacy data systems in weeks

On-demand analytics where and when you need for better health outcomes

Our cloud-based enterprise analytics solution (Platform-as-a-Service) offers the flexibility to deploy on-prem, hybrid or in-cloud, which provides many advantages including unrivaled extensibility, unlimited ability to keep pace with the growth of data sources and processing power. WellStack’s on-demand analytics provides low up-front costs, predictable costs over time, faster deployments, and lower risk. We offer a fully managed, highly secure HITRUST solution with any option you choose.

Featured Case Study

Improving the quality, affordability, safety and efficiency of healthcare for 4.2 million lives statewide

In 2019, SymphonyCare put its WellStack data platform to work for a large APCD, which allowed the customer to unlock significant value from its members’ data. Among the results were reduced data loading times, automated loading processes, improved data quality, improved patient-provider matching, as well as the roll-out of self-service report capabilities.

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Our mission is to help payers and providers manage financial risk, improve quality outcomes, and enhance patient engagement by managing care between visits and making valuable intelligence available at the point of care.